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  • TYRE Rubber Restorer

    Silicone Free Tyre Shine

    Clean Garage® Tyre Rubber Restorer is silicone free, giving your rubber that new look for up to 4 weeks and can be used on all rubber surfaces. Simply wash your vehicle as normal including the tyres and you'r done. Once dry, the tyres will have that look.

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  • Car Leather Prep

    Leather Prep Wash

    Clean Garage® Leather Prep wash is used to prep the leather surface prior to repairing and recolouring to remove the manufactures topcoat finish. It also removes waxes, oils and silicons which will cause issues during recolour process if not removed.

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  • SEAT Leather Cleaner

    Clean Garage® SEAT Leather Cleaner is formulated for all car leather interiors. From leather car seats, door trim panels even the dash pad. It removes tuff dirt and grime from car leather with ease. Spray on and wipe off with some areas may need agitating with a soft bristled brush.

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  • SUPPLE Leather Conditioner

    Clean Garage® Supple Leather Conditioner is none greasy and not slippery once applied. Can be used on all automotive leathers and will keep your leather looking and feeling like new.

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  • PROTECT Leather Protection

    Clean Garage® PROTECT Leather Protector for all leather car interiors. Protect the surface of your car seats by hindering the pick-up and migration of stains and dyes into the leather even making cleaning easier if it becomes a little dirty.

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    • $15.95