Mercedes Leather Colours

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Clean Garage® has a range of Mercedes automotive leather dye colours. Our car leather dye will need to have the  leather topcoat sealer applied after. Choose from 3 finishes.

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In stock (967 items available)

Coverage Guide

  • 50mL - minor touch ups - 50mL Sealer
  • 500mL - 2 front seats or 1 back seat - 250mL Sealer
  • 1Lt - Full interior seats - 500mL Sealer
  • 2Lt - Full interior recolour including door cards with leather inserts - 1Lt Sealer

These are a guide only and may vary with different spray equipment and technic

R.T.G Leather Colour is designed for leather and vinyl. If you wish to use this product on hard plastics, make sure they are washed well with SEAT Leather Cleaner and warm water and the solvent primer is used. Adhesion may still be an issue depending what the plastic has had applied to it over the years.

Leather Prep

  • 50mL - for minor touch ups.
  • 1Lt - You can never use too much leather prep. Always wash the leather extremely well prior to recolouring.

We are continually adding to our colour range with your help. Email us if you don't see you trim code but own a Mercedes and looking for a leather colour.

Old Timer-Roser Leather

  • MB900 - Black

Mercedes Leather 1951 - 1971

  • 2010 - Black

Mercedes Leather 1972 1979

  • 3001 - Black

Mercedes Leather 1980 - 1998

  • 9045 - Black

Mercedes Leather 1999 - On

  • 1874 - Anthrazit

Nappa Leather 1999 - On

  • MB1881 - Black Nappa

Catania Grain 2003 - On

  • MB0312 - Black
  • MB0314 - Java
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  • Sealer Size
    Dull - 50mL, Satin - 50mL, Gloss - 50mL, Dull - 250mL, Satin - 250mL, Gloss - 250mL, Dull - 500mL, Satin - 500mL, Gloss - 500mL
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    50mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1lt
  • Mercedes Leather Colour
    Black - MB9000, Black - 2010, Black Pebble - 3001, Black - 9045, Black Nappa - MB1881, Black - MB0312, Anthrazit - 1874, Machiato Beige, Porcelain - MB0405, Java - MB0314, Creme Beige - 8411, Crystal Grey - MB0406, Berry Red - MB0316, Berry Red Nappa - MB022, Mulberry - J4162
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  1. Clean Leather with RTG Prep Wash
  2. Apply RTG Primer for maximum adhesion
  3. Spray RTG Leather Colour onto leather until the desired coverage is achieved, allowing each coat to dry.
  4. Once dry, spray on RTG Leather Sealer. Generally 2 coats. You may want to add 5% crosslinker for better wear properties


Always test for adhesion after a couple coats and the RTG Leather colour is dry. You can do this by apply masking tap to an area, rub it down well and rip off.

Use a heat gun or hairdryer to speed up drying time.

Always test in small hidden area before use

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